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Rhumba Live Band is right at home entertaining a gathering that includes diverse age groups, such as a wedding reception, as well as similar ages, such as a reunion. When your event spans all ages, it is especially important that all your guests enjoy themselves. This takes a lot of foresight!


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Looking for outstanding live entertainment for your wedding in Kuala Lumpur and surrounds? Look no further! Rhumba Liveband is well-known as the best in Kuala Lumpur, featuring the hardest-working, hippest and most passionate players. We’ve become the best because we get the party started and the dance floor pumping every time!


Rhumba Fusion Band Performances

Suitable for Wedding and Corporate Event which requires mixture of Chinese and English Songs.

Rhumba Chinese Orchestra Performances

Suitable for Chinese Oriental Corporate Dinner, Wedding Dinner, Chinese New Year, festivals.

Rhumba Jazz Performances

Suitable for Wedding and Corporate Event which requires Jazz Songs to get your events alive.